Welcome to the The Elemental Dog, LLC

The Elemental Dog, LLC currently specializes in offering classes in K9 Nose Work, also known as Scent Work.  K9 Nose Work is both an activity that any dog can do to enrich the dog’s life and the life of his or her owner and a sport where dogs and their owners can test their training in trials offered by many sanctioning organizations.  Most importantly, nose work is a terrific way to build a relationship with your dog and spend time together doing something that is fun for both of you.

Whether you are just looking for an activity to keep your dog busy during the long Wyoming winters or want to train for competition in any venue, The Elemental Dog, LLC can help you and your team mate achieve your goals.

Odor Recognition Test (ORT):  For those interested in the premium for the April 25, 2020 Odor Recognition Test (ORT), please go to the Events link and then click on TED, LLC Trials and Events.  The premium has been posted and registration and volunteer signups are open.  Contact Barb at the.elemental.dog@gmail.com with any questions.


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